Frequently Asked Questions about Type 1 Co-Wash and Hair Primers

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What type of hair can you use Type 1 co-wash on?

Type 1 can be used on all types of hair from thin to thick and from straight to curly. It’s absolutely fantastic for waves, curls, and frizz-prone cuticles. Co-washing is perfect for obtaining smooth and soft hair on a daily basis.

How often should you use Type 1 as a co-wash?

It’s a cleansing conditioner which cleans and nourishes the hair. Depending on how often you normally wash your hair and how much product you use to style it with, you want to use it as often as you would use shampoo.

Is co-washing better than shampoo?

Co-washing is a way to get smoother and shinier hair all the while using less products on your hair, while preserving your hair of it’s natural oils. If co-washing is not for you, you can easily use Type 1 as your traditional conditioner or masque.

How do you use a hair primer?

With clean, damp hair make the primer in the Index spray bottle and apply throughout the entire hair. Use your fingers to comb the primer all throughout your hair and you’re all set! It’s seriously that easy!

When should you use a primer or curl spray?

In your routine you’ll want to take full advantage of our primer and curl spray by using it after you have washed your hair and before you style it. This will give you the best results.

Can you use the curl spray as a curl refresher?

Absolutely! Our Type 1 is a fantastic curl refresher for those days when you are in between washes and you need a little pick me up! By defining the curls and giving them a boost, our Type 1 is a perfect way to restore those curls!